Lobbying for Twinkies and dog parks

I'll begin my 2017 lobbying efforts on behalf of fat lazy dogs everywhere.  The saying is 'if your dog is too fat you're not getting enough exercise'.  I agree with that. 

First husband and I have many dogs - have I mentioned this?  Anyway, half of them lie around in the den and only occasionally go out, mostly when we force them to.  We have noticed that Fat Tanner, in particular, has put on a few pounds.  He resembles a barrel.  Our litttle dachshund, Tubby, is well-named.  She tries to run, and does pretty well for about 6 feet, then stops to rest. It's obvious I'm not getting enough exercise. 

There is a dog park, I'm told, in Tyler.  We don't have one that I'm aware of in Van Zandt County.  I have stopped asking 'why not?' when it comes to things like this.  Like 'why isn't there a movie theatre in Canton?'  Some things are just too mysterious to understand.

When my granddog, the late great Wrigley, was young, my son would take him into the woods across from their house, and let him run and roam, and he was so happy.  Dogs (most of them, anyway) need to run.  They have an imprinted memory of their prehistoric wolf days when they roamed the plains. 

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