Commissioners, auditor clash on overtime pay

Overtime pay for all county employees that worked following the April 29 tornadoes was approved during a called meeting May 15 of the Van Zandt County Commissioners Court.

The unanimous decision by the commissioners followed  a 30-minute discussion among the commissioners, VZC Judge Don Kirkpatrick, representatives from the VZC Sheriff’s Department and VZC Auditor Freddy Thomas.

 “The question is whether to pay our county employees who worked following our April 29 tornado disaster overtime or comp time,” said Kirkpatrick. “In my opinion, we have a policy of comp time and we ought to stick with the policy. It would cost the county right now to pay overtime. I see no reason to change the policy.”

VZC Pct. 2 Commissioner Virgil Melton Jr. voiced his disagreement. “I want to pay my employees overtime. They have worked hard. Some of them worked 12 hours straight right after the tornado event. I have it in my budget. I am under budget. I am in good shape. That is my opinion.”  VZC Pct. 4 Commissioner Tim West agreed with Melton.

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