Ready, set, dream

Kids nowadays don't have a chance to daydream. They always have an iPhone or a smartphone or some other electronic device attached to their hands.

Free-floating ideas don't have a chance. And free thought is where great ideas come from. Do you think Copernicus would be a household word if he'd had a laptop? Or that Einstein would have made a dent in our collective consciousness if he had had access to an Android? Or that Edison would have brought light into our lives if he knew about texting?

When I was young, I would lie in the grass on the shady side of the house and watch the sky. It seems there were always clouds to figure out. And most of the time I would sing at the top of my voice, just lie there and sing, for the sheer fun of it. Of course, once when I was indulging in song a bug flew into my mouth. But for the most part it was fun and I daydreamed.

You don't hear phrases like 'stop and think' anymore either. No one stops to think. If the answer isn't available on the internet, we stop asking the question. You also don't hear of anyone wondering about stuff. The answers are at our fingertips.

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