Footprint project washed away in Edom

A Bigfoot footprint in Edom. The project was designed to lead visitors to merchants along Edom streets.

Downtown Edom said adieu to a project started two weeks ago by the Edom Chamber of Commerce. The Bigfoot Footprint Project was washed away June 19. What remains of the brightly painted footprints is now a shadow of the once colorful, attention grabbing markers.

The project was designed to draw traffic down to the end of Edom and across the street for a way for visitors to follow and visit merchants. The original project included plans for artists in Edom to paint and embellish the footprints to add color, imagination and creativity for all those to see, stated Beth Brown of Potters Brown in a Facebook posting.

Opinions swirled from Edom residents and business owners concerning the legality of the footprints being painted on Highway 279 and if proper procedures were followed by the Edom Chamber of Commerce when the project was approved.

While some footprints were on the sides of the roadway, others  were painted across Highway 279 and TxDOT said they still have to be removed since TxDOT maintains the right of way, not the City of Edom.  

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